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Calvali. How to stop your membership?

What is Calvali? 

At Calvali, you have the option to subscribe to books, music, games, and movies. For an affordable subscription fee, you get unlimited access to the whole database of multimedia files of the highest quality. Rest assured, there are no additional charges if you decide to cancel your subscription at any time. However, please note that once you cancel your membership, your watch history and preferences on Calvali will no longer be accessible. 

How to start unsubscribing procedure 

To initiate the cancellation process and stop your subscription to Calvali, you’ll need your email address and password. In case you forget either of these, don’t worry; you can easily recover your account by visiting the Account Recovery page. 

Direct Cancellation Steps: 

  1. Enter your username and password to access Calvali
  2. From the left-hand sidebar, navigate to My Account 
  3. Please click on the Membership button to cancel your subscription, then follow the prompts. 

Following these steps, your membership will be successfully canceled, and you’ll receive a confirmation email from Calvali. 

Assistance with Unsubscribing: 

If you prefer additional help or have specific inquiries regarding your subscription cancellation, please utilize the cancellation form at In the subject line, clearly state “Cancel My Subscription.” It will ensure a prompt response from the support team, who will assist you with the cancellation process.