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How to stop your NinjaVPNs subscription

Managing Your NinjaVPNs Subscription 

NinjaVPNs serves as an integral tool for bolstering your online safety and privacy while traversing the digital landscape. This application empowers users with secure web access across their chosen devices. Among the many advantages of NinjaVPNs are its user-friendly interface, coupled with high-speed connectivity. Furthermore, the service distinguishes itself with its commitment to its customers and transparent subscription terms. If you’re considering discontinuing your subscription or trial period, our step-by-step guide will smoothly walk you through the process. 

Cancellation and Account Management 

Should you wish to discontinue using NinjaVPNs and halt associated charges, you’ll need to terminate your subscription. The cancellation procedure incurs no additional charges and can be swiftly accomplished. Following either of the methods outlined below will suffice: 

  • With your username and password, log in to NinjaVPNs
  • After clicking the Membership link, follow the prompts to cancel your subscription. 

Representative Cancellation 

For those seeking a more personalized approach, contact NinjaVPN’s customer support via a written request submitted at Be sure to include “Cancel My Subscription” in the subject line, facilitating expedited processing. Upon successful cancellation, you’ll promptly receive an email notification.