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How to stop your AbsoluteVPN membership

Managing Your AbsoluteVPN Subscription 

AbsoluteVPN serves as an integral tool for bolstering your online safety and privacy while traversing the digital landscape. This application empowers users with secure web access across their chosen devices. Among the many advantages of AbsoluteVPN are its user-friendly interface, coupled with high-speed connectivity. Furthermore, the service distinguishes itself with its commitment to its customers and transparent subscription terms. If you’re considering discontinuing your subscription or trial period, our step-by-step guide will smoothly walk you through the process. 

Cancellation and Account Management 

Should you wish to discontinue using AbsoluteVPN and halt associated charges, you’ll need to terminate your subscription. The cancellation procedure incurs no additional charges and can be swiftly accomplished. Following either of the methods outlined below will suffice: 

  1. Enter your username and password to access AbsoluteVPN
  2. From the left-hand sidebar, navigate to My Account 
  3. Please click on the Membership button to cancel your subscription, then follow the prompts. 

Representative Cancellation 

For those seeking a more personalized approach, contact AbsoluteVPN’s customer support via a written request submitted at Be sure to include “Cancel My Subscription” in the subject line, facilitating expedited processing. Upon successful cancellation, you’ll promptly receive an email notification. 

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How to remove a SocialGameStore subscription

How does the cancellation process work? 

Subscription contracts can be terminated at any time without extra charges. Your membership can be terminated either from the website or from the account profile page. In the event you cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to access the content on SocialGameStore or your result tracking. Leaving the quiz platform of SocialGameStore will not cancel your payments, even if you log out. You can cancel your subscription using this step-by-step guide.  

Using Your Client Account 

Here are the instructions for removing a subscription on your own:  

  1. Sign in to SocialGameStore with your username and password 
  2. The left-hand menu will take you to My Account 
  3. Please click on the Membership link and follow the instructions to cancel your subscription. 

Quick Cancelling 

Get immediate help from the customer support team if you have trouble logging in at 

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What is Cancel Now?

{site_name} offers a wide range of multimedia content available on a subscription basis. By subscribing, you gain the advantage of exploring {site_name}’s diverse selection and indulging in your favorite multimedia experiences. All the files the service offers are properly licensed for distribution and use, ensuring a fully legal and enjoyable experience. The subscription terms are clear and transparent. The service offers a free trial period to help you explore their massive library and get used to the platform. 

To get detailed information about the service and their subscription plans, please visit {site_name} at {link}. 

Applying For Cancellation 

  • An express method of stopping your subscription is to contact {site_name} via their contact form. At [link], [site_name] offers ready-to-go solutions for any questions you may have. You can also submit a cancellation request using the following link [link], using “Cancel My Subscription” as a subject line.  
  • If you prefer to handle the cancellation process yourself, here are a few simple steps to follow: 
  1. Sign in to your account 
  2. Go to My Account 
  3. Click Cancel Membership 

Once you have completed these steps, you will receive an email from {site_name} confirming the cancellation of your membership. 

Cancellation process step-by-step 

  1. Forgetting your password or the email address associated with your {site_name} account: If you can’t recall either of these details, please use the Account Recovery page at {link}. 
  2. Need to revise your subscription plan detail? Log in to your account and click Membership on My Account page.  

Please note that once you cancel your {site_name} subscription, no further charges will be applied to your account unless you choose to restart it. If you cancel before the end of your billing cycle, you will still have access to the service until the account automatically cancels at the end of your current billing period.