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How to remove a WebProgramShop subscription

A Step-by-Step Unsubscription Walkthrough 

WebProgramShop presents a monthly subscription service, offering access to a comprehensive movie database for a monthly fee. Subscribers have the option to curate a personalized collection of favorites and can even share it with fellow members. The service operates with transparent terms of use, ensuring you’re not tethered to any binding obligations. The flexibility is in your hands – you can cancel your subscription anytime without incurring any extra charges. 

Hassle-Free Cancellation 

Terminating your WebProgramShop subscription is a straightforward process. 

  • With your username and password, log in to WebProgramShop
  • To cancel, click the Membership link and follow the instructions. 

Once you follow these steps, WebProgramShop will confirm your cancellation through an email notification. 

Forgot Your Details? 

If you encounter trouble unsubscribing, there’s a solution. Utilize the cancellation form at, and ensure you specify “Cancel My Subscription” in the subject line. 

It’s important to note that after cancelling your membership, your access to watch history and preferences will be discontinued. At WebProgramShop, we’re committed to providing you with a seamless experience, whether you’re subscribing or deciding to opt out.